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Posted by Exile on April 30, 2007

I have just finished sorting out my tax returns for the last year. What a miserable job. Letting the all powerful state apparatus know how much they can steal from you. I use the word steal because I don’t feel that I get anything back from the state. I don’t use the library for example. But I have to pay for it. Everything else I have to use, I pay for. Medicine if I get sick, the dentist is a bandit with a license and so on. The real killer is the that the stupid state doesn’t remember a damn thing. Or can’t. I have to pay upkeep for my daughter to my ex-wife. Her mother. I will continue doing this, as the law says I must, until she is 18 years old. So why do I have to tell the bloody state every year that I paid child support? They know when her birthday is, they know the day she was born on. Can’t they work it out? They set the amount I have to pay too. They must know these things.

They know where I work too. That is also registered. Why then, should I have to tell them the amount of miles I have to go to get to work? They know where I live, they know where I work. Surely then, they must know how big a tax allowance I can demand for the amount of mileage I use to get back and forth? No. Apparently not. Perhaps they deliberately forget it in the hope that I will too. Which means I won’t get my tax rebate.

The electricity company has been on my back too. I recieved a letter from them during the weekend. It was a demand from February. I know I paid. I can see it on my bank statement. They apparently didn’t register it so they sent me a new bill. Their fault, not mine, but I have to pay the whole amount again? NO. Ain’t gonna happen. I told them so on the phone. They caved in. Vindication is mine. Nice to win one every now and then. And I didn’t even have to threaten them with a lawyer. Maybe next time.

I hate bureaucracies.


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