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What the Hell was That?

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2007

You must have asked yourself that question. Everybody has. Whenever something makes us jump, or takes us by complete surprise, it’s probably the first thing that goes through our heads. I had one of those experiences today.

Sitting at the computer, idling the day away, I decided to play one of the few computer games I have laying about in the drawer. Open the CD thingy, throw in the disc, close and play. Well, that’s what ‘s supposed to happen.

The machine started OK, and it began to rev up like it normally does. Then it did something extremely unusual. It made this horrible crunch-bang noise like a pistol shot when it’s been fired a few feet from your head. “What the Hell…?”

Fearing the death of my beloved computer I cancelled all the running programmes and opened the CD tray. Bits of glass came tumbling out. The once perfect CD disc had been reduced to powder!

Consoling myself with the fact that the computer was still running, I decided to shut it down and open the casing to investigate. Only one thing for it, remove the CD thingy and see if I couldn’t open it. Tools at the ready, I nervously began unscrewing the various bits that need unscrewing to get the CD thingy out of the frame. Leads and cables, screws and a good deal of dust all followed smartly out of the casing. You will have noticed by now that I am technically minded. I know the right names for all the bits of a computer.

Having freed the CD thingy from the frame thingy, I grabbed at a smaller screwdriver and proceeded to open the little grey box that I now had out on my desk. Not easy. The screws that hold the thing together are really tiny. And my hands are like shovels. Still, after a few moments of fiddling about, the back plate finally came free and shards of glass tumbled out of the circuitry. I shook the thing several times and stopped only when the last pieces fell out and the rattling stopped.

Convinced that all was now well, I reassembled the whole pile of parts and finally it looked kind of OK. So, having done my best, I returned the CD thingy to the frame thingy and screwed it all back in place. Reconnecting all the leads as I thought they should be, I closed the casing again and delicately started my beloved computer up once more.

It still worked. Jubilation. Logged on and tried everything. No problems. And so we come to the exciting bit. Finding a CD that I don’t have any great affection for, I gingerly loaded it into the machine. The drawer closed and things began to rotate. I waited with baited breath….

Music! It is alive. It works.

Who said computers were hard to repair? I’m rather pleased with myself right now.

Time for a celebratory scotch I think. And some music. On my computer.


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