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Grey Day for a White Wedding

Posted by Exile on May 28, 2007

An old friend got married at the weekend. He’s been there before, so has she. So have I for that matter. I’m on “wife” number three and had a couple of long stays in there too so I daresay I have had more relationships than marriages.

These two look as if they might make it. She laughs a lot, is a bright woman, great sense of humour and not afraid of getting cracking on what will be their new home. He is the go-getter type that will probably be able to sort out the most of the house repair jobs. Put his kids and her kids in the mix and you have one big family.

Both come from big families. He has three brothers and a sister. Parents are dead. She has at least two sisters and a couple of brothers. Parents still alive and well. I get the impression that her family sticks together. Perhaps too much so and I hope my buddy will be able to cope with the constant “I just popped in to say hello…”. We’ll see.

Anyhow, they made a pretty picture in the half dark church. The weather was not encouraging and with a really dark sky at midday, they gave each other the promise of eternal partnership, till death do them part, that I have heard so many times before. I think the wedding vows should be changed. Death is rarely the reason for the end of any relationship these days. It’s money, or the kids, or the carreer or the promise of something better than we have now that does it. I think the vows should be amended to “until we grow tired of each other and agree to part, unless death steps in first”. Sorry if that sounds awful, but experience speaks volumes. My grandmother used to say “Promises are like pie-crusts. Easily made, easily broken.” Wise woman.

Not that I am unhappy. I married the most fantastic woman I ever met. It took me a long time to find her, and a lot of heartache, but we are happy together and we laugh a lot, mostly at me. I hope these two do the same. I mean laugh. With each other. Someone asked my wife once, “Why do you love him?” I overheard the reply. “He makes me laugh”.

It rained on our wedding day. Poured it down on us. All day. We laughed about that too.

I wish these two well. I hope they have finally found the one they have been looking for. Only time will tell. But if I see ’em laughing at the world together, if I see them still smiling at lifes trials and tribulations in a years time, then I’ll be a bit more confident.

Until then, good luck and fair weather to them. I hope this is a keeper.


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