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High Voltage Bullshit.

Posted by Exile on June 17, 2007

There are adverts on the TV that make my blood boil. A recent spate of adverts for energy saving electrical equipment has really got me going. They start, predictably enough, with someone coming into a hardware store and asking for a light bulb or a refridgerator or the like, and being told the prices of two different, but identical, items. “I’ll take the expensive one” says the guy/lady. He or she then gets given the opposite of what he or she has demanded. “But that’s not the expensive one”, he/she declares. “No. But it will be.” comes the reply. The indication being, that the cheap item uses more energy.

This is crap! Bullshit. Madness. How unintelligent can it be? The thing that uses least energy is more expensive to buy. How bloody stupid can that be? And why? Why does the most economic machine or item or whatever have to cost more? Something is seriously wrong here.

I am not one hundred percent convinced that global warming is man made. I am convinced that it is a reality. I am also convinced that any saving of our limited energy resources is a good thing. No matter how we do it. But holding everybody to ransom in the hardware store is just about shy of criminal.

If our governments are so tied up with global warming, then they should ban the production of cheap, energy guzzling electrical equipment and only allow the sale of economic equipment. Or they should reverse the pricing by law. Or offer taxation benefits for the buyer, at the point of buying, to induce them to buy the most economic item.

This is why I have a hard time believing the man-made global warming scenario. This is why I don’t believe the “save energy” campaigns. I took it seriously once, along with a whole community of citizens. We saved so much energy by insulating our homes and buying the economic stuff, at personal expense, that the power company had to increase its prices to cover its costs. We ended up paying more for using less. We went on paying more for less forever after. We never recovered our costs, as we were promised we would.

If the government is telling me to save energy and save the environment, then why aren’t they doing something to encourage me, and others, to do something about it?

Someone, somewhere, is bullshitting me blind. I know it. I can smell it.


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