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You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Posted by Exile on June 28, 2007

But sometimes, you do.

I have been saving hard for a few months now. Apart from the normal savings account for the holidays and stuff, I have been squirreling money away to get myself something I have wanted. I worked hard at it, went without stuff and finally, yesterday, I went out and bought myself a new watch.

Not any old watch. Years ago I had a Seiko automatic wristwatch. Somebody stole it from me. It was a great watch. It wound itself up. It was accurate. It was stylish. And even in 1977, it was expensive. I have missed it for years. All that changed yesterday. Now I am the proud owner of the new Seiko Arctura Kinetic Perpetual Chronograph.

Weighing in at 175 grams, it is heavy. The wristband is solid steel. So is the watch case. Beautifully polished and smooth to touch, it sits on my wrist perfectly. Self winding is merely a phrase now. This watch self charges a quartz crystal, which is powered up merely by the movement of my arm. It will sleep for up to four years and will then right itself after a minimum of being moved from side to side which begins the charging system. It will then run at fast forward to the correct time, date and year. How anyone can build all that technology into something as comparitively small as a wristwatch is beyond me. I admire fine mechanics and the workmanship that makes this thing tick (even though it is silent) is, for me at least, astonishing. Waterproof to ten bars pressure and shockproof, it will last me a lifetime. I will never need to buy another watch. Unless someone steals this one. (Anyone doing so would be risking me hunting them down and doing them untold damage.)

snp009p1.pngA thing of beauty is a joy forever. I thought I might just share the pleasure of seeing this thing with everyone out there. So here is a picture of my new watch.

Impressive, huh?

So was the price!


But that isn’t important. What is important is that I bought something for myself for a change.

It isn’t often that I do that.

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