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Living Without Bill Gates

Posted by Exile on July 17, 2007

Yes. It is possible. I have two computers here at the Exile’s abode. One is used as a back up machine if the main machine breaks down or throws a temper tantrum or whatever it is that computers do when they decide to go on strike. Both have been running on Windows XP and I have learned to live with all the bally-hoo that follows in the wake of Microsoft and updating and viruses and so on. Well, all that is over now for computer number two. I have discovered something equal to, if not better than, Windows.

ubuntulogo.pngIt is called “Ubuntu”, which is a South African word meaning “for humanity”. And guess what, Ubuntu is absolutely free. Yep. It cost me nothing. And I can programme as many computers as I like with the one disc I have. No licensing problems here. No more “pirate” software.

Ubuntu comes complete with a full range of applications which you can opt in or out of, programming the machine to do what you want it to do. It has a mail programme, internet browsers, a complete office pack, CAD if you want it, drawing and painting programmes, a firewall, in fact, everything you could ask for. And probably more too.

Based on Linux, this system is free from start to finish. And so are all the applications. They work too. OK, one has to get used to a slightly different screen view, and a slightly different set of desktop items and desktop. But hey, it’s free, so who cares.

The important thing is, that I am no longer dependant on Billy G. and the mighty Microsoft corporation. So yah-boo-sucks to them.

Anyone looking for an alternative to Windows might like to try this out. You can order a disc for free, or download the whole shooting match from the website if you have DSL. I waited for about 4 weeks for my CD to come in the post. It cost me nothing. Not even postage.

Who said you can’t have something for nothing?

Link: Ubuntu Home Page Go here, and read all about it.


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