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Smoke on the Waiter

Posted by Exile on July 29, 2007

We went off to the town last night. It was a farewell to Copenhagen’s night life.

A smoking ban comes into force this week, making it impossible to smoke in pubs, clubs, nightclubs and restaurants. This is to protect the many waiters and bar staff and such from the evils of “passive smoking”. So we decided to have a last fling.

One of our favourite restaurants is the famous Copenhagen Corner. Expensive but equally excellent. We hadn’t booked. There is usually room for two. On reaching the restaurant we asked for a table for two. “Smoking or non-smoking?”. “Smoking please”. The maitre d’ spied out across the less than half full restaurant . “Sorry”, he said “The smoking area is full. I can put you in the non-smoking area.”

Hmmm.. The smoking area was full, and the non-smoking area was as empty as a desert. “It would appear there are more smokers than non-smokers.” said my good lady. “Yes”, said the maitre d’. Which doesn’t bode well for the future.

We declined his offer and moved on to Tivoli gardens. Finding a restaurant catering for us smokers, with a view over the lawn, (which isn’t really a lawn. It’s covered in gravel) we were placed by the window. The food was good, the wine was excellent, the staff pleasant and extremely polite and we spent a very agreeable two and a half hours enjoying the ambience. I looked around the restaurant. Again, the smokers far outnumbered the non-smokers.

Leaving Tivoli, we adjourned to a little club not far away. Mojo. The best blues club in town. It isn’t big. Room for about 150 people if no one dances! Catching the second set and singing our heads off to the familiar numbers, we had a great time. Again, most of the public were smokers but the air conditioning seemed to cope extraordinarily well.

I have a theory about all of this. Obviously, when the smoking ban comes into force, these places are going to suffer. And badly. Why? because the people that go out into the night life are the smokers. The non-smokers don’t go out. They don’t smoke because they can’t afford a pack of cigarettes, and neither can they afford to take a night on the town. Which makes a bit of a mockery of this smoking ban. It’s going to remove the smoke from the waiter, yes. It will surely also remove the waiter from the restaurant. In fact, it will remove the restaurants too.

Farewell Copenhagen. It was nice knowing you. I’ll be eating at home from now on.

Prove me wrong if you can!


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