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What Makes it “Personal”?

Posted by Exile on August 3, 2007

My father always told me, that if anyone asked me about his business, I was to tell them that I didn’t know. Be polite, he said, but tell them you simply don’t know. What he did, where he went, was his personal business. Looking back, I can see why.

There are some things that should be kept strictly private. Only you should know them. Or, only you and those that you really trust. Like your last will and testament and your lawyer. Or if you are surreptitiously looking for a new job. Or saving a bit of money to surprise someone dear with. Where you go and what you do must, to a certain degree, be private and not for the common masses.

I have few secrets where my wife is concerned. She is the best personal advisor I have ever had. She looks beyond the immediate and thinks in terms that I wouldn’t dream of. I may be a schemer, but she is a master planner.

I have a couple of projects going right now. One of them is very private. One not. The first could cause me some grief if it was made public. I need to get a deal done first. If it falls through, then no one knows I tried it and no harm done. If it goes public now, then it could be damaging, expensive and embarrassing. The other is a question of my whereabouts on a certain day. That is a bit public and I don’t care if people see me there, when it happens. I will be making a stand for all to see.

I blog. Anonymously. That keeps it personal. Few people will know my real identity just by reading my blog. A few know because I have told them. And I trust them with it. If someone exposes me where I do not wish to be exposed, then I will have to start again. That is the risk one takes when one goes public with one’s ideas.

Not everyone is allowed to know my business. There are some things that I like to keep hidden from public view. My father was right. There are some things that are yours and yours alone. So if someone tells you something in confidence, keep it that way. And if anyone asks you about somebody else’s business, tell them you don’t know.

It’s personal.


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