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Silent Protest

Posted by Exile on February 24, 2008

We all know that a picture says a thousand words, even though the message is usually conveyed in fewer than that. I am talking about those universal, easily understood and invariably “No” signs. No smoking, no food, no ice cream, no.. just about anything these days. How often have you seen a sign that actually allows you to do something? They are extremely rare.
The “no something” signs are usually posted by the holier than thou crowd. The know-alls. The do-gooders. Health fanatics. The whiners. Spoilsports. All those people who haven’t got a life and don’t want you to have one either. Generally, they have no reason, right or legal back up to paste these forbidding signs up. They are arbitrary declarations of “Do no whatever it is I dislike”.
Ever had the urge to fight back? To do the unallowed right there? Of course you have, but your polite upbringing and the now widespread respect for everybody but yourself will not allow you to do whatever it is the sign says you can’t.
I’m sure you are all familiar with the signs here, there are many others.
I recently joined a forum for smokers. They aren’t fanatics, they merely want the freedom to choose. For example, why should all the pubs in Great Britain be subject to a total and all encompassing ban on smoking? Why are there no “smoking pubs” and only “no smoking pubs? Why has that choice been removed? Even some landlords and their staff smoke. But not in the pub. They have to go outside. The landlord can’t smoke in his own home. It is ruining the trade. Pubs are closing all over the country because the people who used to go there to socialise don’t go there any more. The non-smokers don’t go there either. Mainly because there are so few left to socialise with. Something is very wrong when even the non-smokers go outside in the cold and wet to the smokers area simply for the lack of human contact inside the bar. Nobody likes to be treated like a second class citizen, so the pub-goers are staying at home and drinking with friends in their own living rooms. Smokers and non smokers alike.
This is what any total ban brings. It is a silent revolt by many mistreated people. Unfortunately, many innocent people are losing their livelihoods because of it and a thoughtless, we-know-best government decision to remove the possibility of choice from the people.

forumdemo-2.pngOne smart person has come up with a simple device for anyone and everyone who is feeling similarly oppressed by any ban. One simply attacks the sign. Not by destruction or defacement. More by embellishment. He has suggested that we print up a simple sign of an eagle. The bird, in its present position, is well known from the nazi era of the last century.
Sticking the eagle above the sign gives it a superb quality which basically says it all. Any sign can be embellished in this way, making it very clear what state the country now appears to be in.

How about that for silent protest?

My many thanks to “Hughster”, from the F2C website.


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