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Silver Jubilee

Posted by Exile on March 9, 2008

There was cause for celebration today in the shack, known as home, to me. I have been in this country for 25 years today. I have no idea where those years went. They have raced by. As things go, I am doing OK. The past 25 years have been more good to me than they have been bad. There have been more ups than downs. I’m happy here.

I had planned to have some sort of celebration but all that went overboard a month or so ago when I found out that the date collided with the Danish Championship for slow pipe smoking.  Not wishing to miss the annual  cough and choke competition, I have deferred  to the athletic pursuit of tobacco smoking  and will invite my buddies to a whisky tasting afternoon at the shack next weekend. Which should be fun, if not extremely expensive.

The pipe smoking was fun too. I didn’t win. I never will. I haven’t got the knack of getting three grams of tobacco to burn for over two and a half hours, so I don’t really have a chance. But just being part of the madness is great fun and one gets to see old friends and, perhaps, find some new ones too. The exhibition is a sight to behold too. Pipemakers displaying their handiwork, pipe restorers selling vintage and estate pipes and so on. I found another little pearl today. A 12 year old Peterson meerschaum “Gold Supreme” with silver mount. Hardly smoked and in beautiful condition, complete with original pouch, box and papers. I think it is of African meerschaum, not Turkish.
The highlight of my day was one of the pipemakers who saw my selection of pipes for the day in my pipe satchel. He examined them and congratulated me on their condition and the care that I have given them. Praise indeed, from one of the outstanding Danish pipemakers.

All in all then, not a bad day. If I was going to have a party then I couldn’t have done it better myself. A whole day surrounded by friends, beer, hot snacks and a celebration of one of my favourite hobbies. Now I’m going to sit back and relax for the evening with a huge single malt, my “new” pipe, some good tobacco, my armchair with my feet up by the stove and whatever the talking box can serve up for my enjoyment.

Some days life is just good. There should be more of ’em!


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