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Am I There Yet?

Posted by Exile on April 21, 2008

Rediscovering your youth is a strange affair. I have done it once or twice, going back to the places I grew up in and seeing how they have changed while I was off doing other things. Things do indeed change and familiar landmarks perhaps no longer exist. I know that the small provincial town where I grew up hardly resembles itself now. So much for the physical side of things. More interesting is the sense of how one experienced things as a youngster. We tend to forget that very quickly.

Something I have forgotten completely is the sense of excitement that comes with the passing of time. You know what I mean. Waiting for Christmas day. Or your birthday. You know its on its way, you even know how many days there are left until the big event but oh, the impatience! Or how about that journey to somewhere special. Are we there yet? How much further? I was a pain as a kid. My patience wouldn’t last a moment back then. Things change with the years.

Or so I thought.

I have a passion for tobacco pipes. No big secret. Read this blog and you will know that. Just last friday I saw a superb meerschaum pipe on the internet. I spoke to my wife about it. I pondered on it for all of two hours. Finally I decided I had to own it and went through the process of buying it on line. The website clearly told me that I would have to wait about two weeks for delivery. OK, I was prepared to wait two weeks. I have learned that things take their time to materialise. I can easily wait two weeks.

The problem is, that it didn’t take two weeks. In fact, I could have had my pipe in my hands today if I had been a bit more awake this morning. It is here. The postman was here with it, at my home. This morning. While I slept late. Damn.

The package is waiting for me at the post office. I will have to wait until tomorrow to go and get it. I know it’s there. And you know what? The little kid inside me is jumping up and down and waving his arms about in a frenzy and screaming at me. “Am I there yet? Is it tomorrow already?”

I guess there are some things that you just don’t grow out of!


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