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Going For a Trundle

Posted by Exile on August 22, 2008

Which may sound a bit strange, but is the best way of describing a walk with the two dogs. Dachshunds, I have discovered, do not walk. They trundle. And they are very good at it too. The simple fact that they are built the way they are makes them ideal trundlers. Well developed backsides, short stocky legs and that low slung profile make for ideal trundling. Trundling is done at a break-neck speed and is ideal for covering ground that one does not have the height to see over. Trundling allows one to cover a lot of ground in a minimum of time without having to run. It also means that anything that appears on the somewhat closer than you might think horizon, is easily barked at, sniffed, eaten or peed on with amazing speed and the minimum of disruption to the trundling itself, which continues unabated by whatever obstacle has appeared and must be duly dealt with. The world is too big to be seen all at once but everything must be investigated and treated accordingly. Which probably accounts for the trundling in the first place.

Another thing you may not realise at first glance, is that Dachshunds have an amazing pulling power. Again, it is those short stocky legs and that well developed rear end that allows them to pull much more than their own weight. I have no idea how to measure the torque on those hind legs but I can testify, it is phenomenal. If producers of automobiles could master this in similar fashion, then they would have the world racing circuit licked.

grav1Having gained the confidence enough to let these two little canines run free and still return to me, I let them run free for the first time today in the field close to our home. The grass has been cut recently and they could move freely about the entire thousand meter length of the field without losing sight of me, or me of them. It struck me as comical to see two backsides, tails up, four paws and four flapping ears disappear into the middle distance.

My life has changed. I need to learn how to trundle.


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