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Back to Berlin

Posted by Exile on August 30, 2008

My father-in-law has just celebrated his 81st birthday. What does one give a man who has everything he needs? He has all the power tools, the things for his car, his garden, his house. He doesn’t smoke, so a new pipe is a bit of a waste of time and he has a fishing pole. He has all the books he ever wanted to read and will get more at Christmas, I’m sure.

imageWell, we think we have solved the problem. You can’t beat an experience. A day, or days, doing something you haven’t yet done. Father-in-law would have liked to have traveled a little more than he did. So we’re going to take him somewhere he hasn’t been yet. Last year it was London. This year, it’s Berlin.

I’ve been there twice. Once many years ago as a soldier, for about two hours. In and out. Last time was a weekend with my dear lady. She took me there for my birthday. This time I will see a little more of that city that has fascinated me for years. I daresay we will see some of the sights again, the Brandenburg Gate and so on, but if I know F-i-l, he’s been reading up on Berlin and wants to see it all.

He walked me to a standstill in London, so this year I’m taking the right shoes to avoid the blisters. This is going to be a fun weekend. I’m looking forward to it.


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