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Postal Disservice

Posted by Exile on January 31, 2009

images I am not very well pleased with the Danish Post. There was once a time when we had a Post Office, with real people trained by the Post Office, to handle our post. That closed. It was a large building. It was replaced by a prefabricated hut which was parked in the corner of a parking lot near one of the local shopping malls. The queues were phenomenal. The waiting time was endless. I stopped going there. That closed too.

Now our Post Office is a little kiosk like affair hidden in the corner of a supermarket. No longer a separate entity in the street portrait, it is reduced to a second place counter beside the weekly magazines, sweets and cigarettes. The service has suffered badly too. Large parcels used to be delivered by a postman in a dedicated post van. Now it’s a local transport entrepreneur. The post is no longer protected by the contract we once had with the postal service. It used to be a trustworthy organisation. Now it is a bandit society. Poorly led, poorly run and untrustworthy.

For example, I had a little exchange with our postman (actually, that should be postlady) today when she pushed a little notice into my post box stating that there was a package waiting for me to be collected at the post office/supermarket.

“You haven’t got it?” I enquired. “No”, she said. “Someone tried to deliver it yesterday and couldn’t, which is why I have this notice for you.”

Strange. See, I met our postman yesterday. I waited for him because I know the package is on it’s way. He didn’t have it.

“Well, we do come more than once some days.” said the post lady. “Maybe someone tried later.”

Oh well. The package is at the post office. Ready to be collected. It says so on the notice. Ready for collection from 31/1 between 10:00 and 14:00 and will be there until 7/2 where it will be returned to sender if not picked up.

I had an hour to go and get my package. The Post Office/supermarket is only five minutes away by car. I drove.

Arriving at the Post Office/supermarket I produced my notice and my identification and demanded my package.

“We haven’t got it.” I was told by a spotty fourteen year old girl with big teeth.

“Yes you have.” I said. “I have a notice here saying that the package is here, ready for collection today between the hours of 10 and 14.”

“Yes, but we haven’t received it yet.” she said.

What the f…??

“Excuse me, but how you can send me a notice claiming that your postman tried to deliver it yesterday, and that it is here now to be collected and then have the gall to tell me you haven’t received it? If you haven’t received it, how the bloody hell can you try to deliver it? Successfully or not. Give me my package.”

“It’s not here.”
“It must be. I have your notice to prove it.”

Clearly, someone is lying to me. They have my property and they are lying to me.

I left. Empty handed and extremely annoyed. So it would appear I will have to wait until they do have it and ring me to tell me, yet again, that my package is ready for collection so that I can make the trip again.

We pay for this.

And it’s disgraceful.

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