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Catching Up

Posted by Exile on August 5, 2009

Putting your life on hold for a couple of weeks isn’t really a problem if you’ve planned for it. You know, you’re going on holiday or taking a trip for one reason or another, so you know the dates of departure and arrival back home. You can notify the post office, your friends, your bank. All the people that matter. Having had to do it for all the wrong reasons, mainly my wife being ill, I now find myself playing catch up with all the things I forgot under the duress.

I know I have to get my car off to the bi-annual mechanical fitness check that is mandatory here. The only problem is, that I can’t remember when I should do it or where. Strangely, I can’t find the notification that I know I received in the middle of all this trauma.

I found a bill that I should have paid fourteen days ago. We had to get our drains cleaned out and I forgot the damn bill almost as soon as I was needed to ferry my wife backwards and forwards to the hospital.

I have to go to my second house on the island of Lolland and sort the garden out. Also, I need to clean up and inspect the place after having had the eastern side of the house re-thatched. And get the stables whitewashed and painted.

The garden here has gotten out of control too. That may be due to my being a bit worn out as I’ve been pretty much alone at work this past few weeks, while everyone else has been on holiday, and by Friday, I’m finished and spend a good deal of my weekends nursing a sore back and getting a little extra sleep.

My daughter has moved into her new flat. It’s her first home away from home. A single room bed-sitter. She moved last weekend. I haven’t seen the place yet. I should do that. Maybe this weekend.

There have to be a hundred other things too. I don’t know. The pressures have been a bit much lately. I feel exhausted.

The good news is, that my dear wife is well again. Her voice is back, she’s back at work and all appears to be well with her. My best colleague is back from holiday on Monday next week. That will take some of the workload off me. I have a free day tomorrow, so I can get to Lolland without spoiling  a weekend. All the bills are paid now, or at least, planned for. I have found a place where I can get the car seen to. I’m getting back on top of it.

And best of all, we have booked a long weekend in Nice, in the south of France and I am counting down to a break in a luxury hotel, at a bargain price, close to the middle of the town and the beach.

I can hardly wait!


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