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Unlucky Break

Posted by Exile on December 20, 2009

We were looking forward to my dear wife’s birthday. All our plans were laid for the shopping trip to gather the necessary things for dinner and guests, the celebration with her parents and the last of the Christmas shopping. Before turning in for the night my wife decided the dogs needed a last walk. So, wrapped up in her winter clothes, she ventured off into the snow clad evening. Which was all OK until she arrived back at the house. Missing her footing on the way up the steps, she slipped and landed face first on the concrete. Bleeding, crying and spitting shards of broken teeth, she staggered into the house. Not surprisingly, she had suffered a little damage, breaking two upper front teeth and splitting her lip where her teeth had been forced through the skin.

And so it was, to add to all the other things that have gone wrong for us in 2009, we ended up in the hospital at a little over midnight and waited there for over an hour for a doctor. The doctor was of no help at all. “We never sew lips.” was the only response that years of medical training could come up with. Home again.

I didn’t sleep well. Nor did my wife, but she managed to fall asleep in the wee hours and I resolutely rose from my bed and waited for the dentist surgery to open. I rang them the minute they opened at eight in the morning. Explaining the accident and describing the damage to my dentist, he promptly cleared his calendar and made room for my dear lady at 10.00.

By 11.00 we were out of the surgery and on our way to the shops. My wife has a fat lip that looks like something out of a Hollywood plastic surgery. Drinking is a hit and miss affair due to the swelling but her teeth look good. The lip will heal but it puts a damper on her birthday celebrations.

Hopefully, this is the last bit of bad luck for this year. I have to believe that 2010 is going to be a whole lot better!


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