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It’s Official. I’m a Vet

Posted by Exile on May 10, 2010

Which has nothing to do with animals, even though I may have lived like one, acted like one and most certainly served with a few people who were happy to be called one. That’s the point here. I served. So did many others. Millions of us.

While in the UK recently, I ran into an old friend, well, lots of them actually, and one was sporting this nice little badge. I asked him where he got it and he gave me a tip, sending me to the UK Veterans Association. I contacted them two weeks ago and after giving them details of my military service, I received this little pin in the post.badge

I will wear it with pride. The eleven years I spent under the colours have stayed with me over time. I made real friends, lost a few, picked up a few scars both mental and physical and saw parts of the world I might not otherwise have seen. Some of them, I didn’t want to and I won’t be going back. Others, not so. The thing is, I went where I was sent, did what I had to do and survived it. So did most of my friends from that time.

So here’s to ‘em. All the vets. The old and the new.

Stay safe.

We need more vets.

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