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Posted by Exile on January 1, 2011

IMG_0007_RJIt isn’t every day that you get to write one of these posts. It’s New Years Day, 2011. A new year means a new start for some, a chance to forget the past year and look forward to the new. This will always be a special day for me now. Not because of the fact that it is indeed the first of January, but because my Grandson was born on this day. It will be his birthday. The good thing is, of course, that he will always be in the middle of a great party when his birthday comes around. He isn’t aware of that yet, but just wait a few years and see what happens.

He was born at eight minutes past eight this morning, weighing in at a healthy 3,390 grams and measuring 51 cm from top to toe. Mother and baby are doing very well. In fact his mother, my daughter Betina, got the whole job done in about 4 hours from first contraction to birth, took no epidural or other pain killers and gave birth like a champion. Everyone was pleased. Including her mother, who drove her to the hospital at four in the morning and stayed with her until it was all over. He’s a big lad for a little baby, hands like shovels and I reckon he’s going to be a big boy.

I couldn’t possibly write all this and not include a picture, so here he is. My Grandson. Mikkel. Welcome to this world my grandson. I hope it treats you well and that you live a long and happy life with no real worries and with as little heartbreak as is possible. Happy birthday.


One Response to “Regeneration…”

  1. Kypros said

    Congratulations my friend,
    may the new member of the family have a great life and become a happy, successful individual.
    Try not to teach him to smoke the pipe before he is 14 years old. Right from the start he has an advantage. He has you for a grandfather and also he will be spoilt for choice when he ponders like his grand dad, which pipe to smoke first.

    Thanks for the good wishes. As for him smoking a pipe? We’ll wait and see!

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