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The Plantation

Posted by Exile on April 30, 2011

OK, I haven’t actually planted much of anything yet, but I’m ready to do so. I just need to get through next week with its threat of frost and then, well, I’ll be planting my tobacco out. I’m looking forward to it too. I’ve been nursing my tobacco for a while now and the 40 selected plants are looking great. I have 20 Virginias and 20 Lizard Tail Orinoco. It’s hard to tell them apart. I think the Virginia will produce a broader leaf, if the seedlings are anything to go by. They are going into patch no.1, alongside my spuds. The Orinoco is going into patch no.2 beside the long haired one’s herbs. I have planted one of each tobacco variety already as a survivability test. I have some reserve plants in case of failure. In fact, I have a whole lot of reserve plants..!! Planting the seeds was a challenge to my failing eyesight and I probably have twice as many plants as I thought I had! A few of those are going to be sent off to a friend to try out in his garden. Then I’ll have something to compare with and who knows, I may be able to get him on the grow it yourself bandwagon too. The more, the merrier.

I’ve marked out my rows and prepared the soil as best I can. I’ve dug deep, loosened the soil after a few weeks rest and weeded out today. It’s all pretty much virgin soil apart from the lawn having grown on it for the past lord knows how many years. I have started a compost heap and that will all go back into the soil in the autumn after, hopefully, a good growing season. In fact, I’m going to dig all the left overs back into the soil ready for next year. If the tobacco experiment doesn’t work out, then a veggie garden might be as much fun to try anyway.

I thought hard about the price involved in all of this, the effort and the cost of potting materials, tools and other stuff needed just to get going. It hasn’t been exorbitant or extremely expensive. The work involved is initially hard, but one the ground is broken, it isn’t too bad.
The best incentive is to imagine the tax collector not getting anything out of me for my tobacco as I fill my pipe with my home grown weed later on. The greedy sod just taxed himself out of my pocket. I don’t mind paying a fair price for anything but once the taxation got too high to be called “fair”, I decided to cut him off. So screw him and the state that employed him. Using taxation to control the behaviour of the people is not a thing that I support in any way, shape or form.

OK, I’m down off my soapbox again. Sorry.

Here’s a few pictures of my efforts so far. The top 40 plants (in individual pots), my reserve plants (still in the seed tray), and the patches. Lookin’ good, eh?

It’s gonna be a long week waiting for that frost to disappear.

IMG_4089  IMG_4092 

IMG_4090  IMG_4091


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