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So, that was Summer..??

Posted by Exile on September 30, 2011

I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog of late. I’ve been busy. And we had the most miserable summer I have ever experienced. In fact, summer was a wash-out. Cancelled. Rained off. Three endless months of pissing it down. A shameful event. I curse the weather gods.

I had a job for a while, on subsidised wages mark you, and now that’s over and done with, because the firm, despite being more than pleased with my performance, didn’t have the money to employ me on a regular, full paid, scale. Screw ‘em. Their loss. But it’s back to the ranks of the jobless. By the way, those ranks are growing, daily. Job prospects are about zero right now and especially so for a man of my age. So I’m not going to panic about the situation. After all, Denmark went mad a couple of weeks ago and put the bloody social democrats in power. My comrades in the party will doubtless tender me care and solace. (My ass, they will. They’re a bunch of lying, stealing, tax-fixated bastards and nothing they promised us under the election campaigns will materialise. I knew that before the elections. Everyone else apparently didn’t.)

So, apart from the rain, unemployment and national political disaster, what else went on?

peasant-spreading-manureThe tobacco project. This took up a good deal of my time. I planted seeds, replanted young seedlings, finally got them into the garden and successfully raised a crop of baccy. Not the huge success it might have been because of the bloody god-awful weather but nevertheless, I did get a return. I reckon I have about four pounds of smokeable weed out of the affair. I’m currently trying different ways of maturing the stuff and figuring out how to convert the harvest into good tobacco. In fact, I was so successful that I’m going to repeat the success next year. With my own seeds this time. I hope the weather is better next year. My present crop survived the rain but tobacco doesn’t like standing in mud so I didn’t get the full crop up where I wanted it. Most of the plants suffered but stood bravely up until I decided to start harvesting.
I planted potatoes too. They did OK but they had far too much water as well. Still, forty odd pounds of spuds from my one little patch was a success. They tasted great and I’m gonna be doing that again too. In fact, I have great plans to extend the gardening idea. Next year, I‘ll be planting a shed load of stuff. If I’m going to be out of work, I may as well use my time saving on the food bills.
To prepare for this, I’ve been working my ass off in the swamp that is my garden today and have prepared the third patch of earth ready for next years grow. I now have about 320 square feet of good earth to get going on. The long haired one has suggested I get a greenhouse. Good idea, but there’s a bloody huge multi-stemmed poplar tree standing right there where the greenhouse should be so I guess more lumberjacking is called for. I’ve already cut one down that was way too close to the house. Loads of wood, but loads of cleaning up to do afterwards. Those branches don’t walk to the rubbish dump by themselves and the city ordinances won’t allow me to burn the rubbish. (More bloody social democratic shite..  Ooh.. think of the environment.. Right. What do they expect? Polar bears don’t eat wood. And while we’re about it, just what did the bloody environment do for me lately? Bugger all. It just pissed it down all over me for the last three months.)

Anyhow, that’s all behind us now. Chins up, everybody. It’s only twelve weeks to bloody Christmas so I’ll have to start thinking about that soon. I hope it snows.

It’ll make a pleasant change from the weather we’ve been getting.

Maybe I can get a job as a snow clearer….


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