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A Few Simple Questions and Opinions..

Posted by Exile on February 1, 2012

Normally, I wouldn’t make a political comment here.. I have another blog for that. But there are a few things that, to me at least, seem outrageously wrong.

For instance….

With 10.4 of the population of Europe out of work, why are we still importing “workers”?

With 50% of the unemployed being under the age of 25, why should the old and worn out have to stay at work longer? Would it not be more sensible to lower the pension age to sixty and let some of the youngsters have a chance? Whether it’s pensions or social support, it still costs about the same.

Prices are rising uncontrollably. Wages aren’t. What’s that all about? Surely, if wages aren’t rising and less people are working, then production costs must naturally be lower.

If I’m supposed to use public transport more, why aren’t there public parking spaces available at the train station?

Why should I have to pay for the privilege of parking my car at the shopping mall where I go to spend my money in the shops in that mall?

Tax reductions are meaningless when they are simply replaced by raising unavoidable government surcharges.

I have paid pornographic amounts of money in taxes and contributions to my unemployment benefits. This allotted time where I can be on the dole has now been halved, from four years to two. Why haven’t I got half my contributions back? And why am I still paying benefits at the old rate? If the time frame has been halved, why haven’t the contributions?

Plastics contain carcinogens. Why is all the food I buy packed in it and why is that food in direct contact with the plastic?

If we are to believe in democracy, why is the EU so vehemently against referendums? And why does the EU not accept the results of those few referenda that have gone against the will of the EU,  forcing member states to repeat them until the “right” result has been achieved?

If the government is so concerned with my health, why are they closing hospitals?

If the government is so concerned about our CO2 production, why are eco-friendly products more expensive to buy than the others? And why isn’t eco-friendly fuel cheaper than the other shite?
When the government starts acting like there’s an eco-crisis, I’ll start believing it.

The Loch Ness monster, fairies, elves, goblins, aliens and bigfoot do not exist. If they did, we would have found remains or skeletal evidence already. Nothing lives forever.

God is an idea. Not an entity. Religion was invented to steer the ignorant masses. Don’t believe me? Draw Mohammed, sign the drawing and publish it.

Crop circles are all man made. Global warming isn’t. Get over it and stop wasting money researching it.

The police force is self financing. If that was not so, they would not have quotas stating how many fines they must give out to the public. Quotas equal budgets. Budgets equal finance.

I have begun to ignore smoking restrictions. If the government makes laws that exclude me, those laws cannot apply to me.


Anything else you may care to add via comments will be gratefully received.

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