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Living Without the TV

Posted by Exile on February 19, 2012

Isn’t so hard as it sounds. One may ask, why no TV? I’’ll tell you why. Too damn expensive, too little entertainment and way too many adverts. I told Viasat they could stick it where the sun don’t shine. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but when the advertising is around 33% of the viewing time and always comes at the least convenient time in the show, with no thought for the viewing public, then I don’t see why the subscription should be so expensive. They get paid astronomical sums of money to advertise. Why should I pay for that? Not only that. The endless repetitions, the lack of new programmes, the endless self effacing ads for their own programming, or “premiers” as they called them and the limitations on the package itself just finally got to be too much.

Here’s why:

I never agreed to have the God Channel. Strange one that. He has his own channel and never makes a personal appearance or gives an interview. I wonder why?

Ten childrens channels is more than enough. How many blasted cartoons can one see and why are they on 24/7? Do kids never sleep?

I am not THAT interested in sharks. Or whales. I think most of us are agreed now, that the climate is changing, yes, but it has little or nothing to do with mankind. Nor am I really interested in phony people living phony lives in LA, San Francisco or New York, no matter how big their tits are.

“Reality” TV isn’t. In fact, it has nothing to do with reality and those people that can’t understand that ought to be taken out and whipped.

How many news channels are necessary? TV2 news, CNN, ABC/NBC, BBC news and Euronews all send, more or less, the same garbage. Although, Euronews is merely a propaganda show for the EU and I never really watched it anyway.

Roll all that up and compare it to what I was paying for and out of thirty-odd channels I probably only really watched four. At €780.00 per year, that’s way too much.

So what do I do now? Well, I get my news feed from the internet. Both local and international. I am getting to see all the DVD films we have bought along the way. Some musical in the form of recorded live concerts, some entertainment films. I get to hear more music both on the radio and from my CD collection. I get to play more with the dogs. The house is cleaner as I have more time to do it..! I get out more…

I suppose at some point, we will get a new TV supplier or I will buy a satellite decoder and see what I can find of free channels. There is, apparently, a lot to choose from but I need to research that first. Either way, there has to be a cheaper and better alternative to the crap we’ve been fed for the past ten years. When I find it, I’ll let you know.


2 Responses to “Living Without the TV”

  1. jacob said

    Hear hear !
    May these outrageous tv producers suffer in the never ending commercial loop..

    Beautifully put!

  2. kypros christodoulides said

    Exactly how I feel about T.V. Although I still have one, I rarely get to use it as everything I want to watch, I do it from the computer. I haven’t switched on my T.V for a long time and believe me I am none the worse for it.
    I can only see one reason for owning a T.V set and that is , if one wants to watch DVD’s on the big screen. Apart from that, what is there to watch? Commercials? biased news? stupid re-runs? never ending soap operas that are an insult to our intelligence? Save the money Keith and go out and buy a few more expensive pipes and single malts. I’m sure they will give you far more satisfaction than a stupid T.V box.

    Thanks Kypros.. license to buy more pipes…!!

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