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Street Legal

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2013

The bike’s been inspected, tested and registered. I now have the number plates on and nothing can stop me enjoying riding the bike now. The inspection was a doddle. Having explained the history of the bike, the inspector gave it a quick once over and declared it “as good as new”, which it is, and then declared that he had to take a spin on it. I explained that it would be a bit difficult for him but of course he could try as long as he could get used to having the gear shift on the right of the bike as opposed to all the Japanese machines that he is used to, that have the gear shift on the left. I explained that he would have to use the heel kicker to change down and the toe lever to go up in gear. He looked puzzled. I explained again. He said OK and then we started the bike and off he went. Ten minutes later he came back pushing the bike. “I couldn’t get the hang of it”, he explained. “But don’t worry, it’s a great machine and I reckon it’s passed the roadworthiness test!” I think “Thumper” frightened him off…#1

I bought the new number plates and had him register the bike as mine while I was there. He can do it more easily than I and the fee wasn’t all that bad when I take the hassle of doing it myself into consideration.

So there we are. Street legal and ready to go.

All I need now is some good weather and a day off. That might even happen over the weekend. We’ll see.

Thumper..? Yeah. You should hear the single cylinder. Thump – thump – thump…..


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