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New Year – New Life.

Posted by Exile on December 31, 2013

retiredIn the middle of November 2013 I reached the ripe old and maybe unexpected age of 60. I say unexpected because I am slightly amazed that I got this old considering the idiotic chances I’ve taken along the way. I am somewhat mildly surprised that I have lived this long. However, with the coming of my celebration of sixty inglorious years came retirement. I had opted, for some years ago, to save up for early retirement and despite the current government’s efforts to curb this trend, they couldn’t really stop me. So screw them and the horses they rode into town on.

Retirement is also something I decided on many years ago. I saw my father work himself to death, never having had an otium and I decided, then, not to do the same. I made my mind up, that at the first given opportunity, I would stop working and take what years I could to do as I please, when I please. I thoroughly intend to do just that, despite the latest European directives that the old must remain at work for as long as is humanly possible and then die shortly afterwards.

I find myself planning for a new life of leisure instead of endless working days. I am deciding what I can do without. And what I need. Equally important is what I want.

I have a few hobbies to be getting on with. I have my garden, my pipe selling business, the motor bike, and a telescope to star-gaze through. I have heard of many that have retired into oblivion and I do not wish to join them. Now that I have the time, I need to pursue things that have always fascinated me. Obviously, the garden will be my early years activity. I need to dig, plant and nurture. The greenhouse will be my second home for a few months. By the time that’s established, the sun will be up for the summer, so it’s off to the woods and watch the birds and animals, trips out on the bike and maybe even a few nights out in the woods or on the beach under canvass. Days out with my Grandson. He needs a solid father figure and some knowledge of the world around him. Autumn will bring me back to the garden again.
I have the time to invest in my friends. Some of them are already retired. Old hands at this leisure game. I intend to spend some time with them over a good lunch or a pint or two at some watering hole either in the city or maybe at the seaside.

I don’t usually make new years resolutions. This year, I need to make new life resolutions.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

I have the time to fill this tired old blog up now.


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