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In the Doghouse

Posted by Exile on August 3, 2015

Well, not really. But dogs in the house.. again.

It’s been about three months since our little dog died. She was the last of two that we adopted some seven years ago and both dogs had heart problems. Sadly, they died too young but had a great life here with us. Grieving over, we have decided to take two more on board. That wasn’t the plan, but it is how it worked out. We intended to adopt only one, a dachshund again, but according to the rescue kennel, the chihuahua next door was her best friend. So we took him too. She’s 10½ years old. He is 6.  Fie and Zimba. An unlikely couple. They ain’t big, but they are cute. OK, the chihuahua thinks he’s big. Unfortunately, he has been badly fed in the past and has lost half his teeth, so he’s handicapped in a fight but definitely not afraid of bigger dogs. I have to clean his teeth for him too. That’s gonna be fun… She’s a miniature long haired dachshund and, apart from her age, there are no issues and she is very lively.

They sleep in our bed. We don’t notice them. They are small. Tiny in fact.

Early days yet, but they seem to be settling in well and we each have our own dog. Fie sticks to my wife like glue and the little Mexican fella is always at my heels. We’ll see how this develops.

IMG_0300 IMG_0299

Welcome home you two. Live long and well.


2 Responses to “In the Doghouse”

  1. kypros said

    sorry your two lovely dachshunds died, but why do you chose to have old dogs with a short life expectancy? The grief is too much.

    Hi Kypros,
    We would rather give a lost dog a home than feed the unscrupulous breeders, so we go to the rescue kennels. The dachshund’s former owner died. She had been at the rescue kennel for over a month. A lovely little dog that deserves to live her last few years in a good home. The chihuahua is also a nice dog that became ‘too expensive’ for his former owners due to veterinary bills, probably because of his bad teeth. We live in a throw away society. I do not agree with the throwing away of a living creature.
    These two will not be the last ones we rescue.

  2. Everybody needs a home and while a shelter is better than nothing, now these two have a family as well.

    Indeed they do James.. and they are definitely at home now..

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