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Springing the Trap

Posted by Exile on December 7, 2018

Or, at least, avoiding it.

I’ve had enough of the piracy. Our police are no longer busy policing the country. They have basically given up on investigating ordinary crime around here and are concentrating on anything that brings money into the state. Anything that carries a fine. There is no money in catching common thieves, burglars or violent thugs on the streets. Especially the last ones, they carry a risk of hurting a policeman and we can’t have sort of thing going on, can we? No. Health and safety and all that…

We drivers of ordinary vehicles though, we are an easy target. Mobile speed traps work. Even where they aren’t necessary, like on free, open and straight roads in perfect driving conditions. They are becoming more prevalent and more predatory.

Saphe - alarm
Deciding I needed to do something about this, I have invested in a warning device for the car. I am one of about 500.000 users of this device and the numbers are growing. It’s called a “Saphe”. (I’m not sure if that shouldn’t be pronounced “safe”.. who knows? I don’t care as long as it works!) Here’s a picture of the thing.
It hooks up with your mobile phone and gives a clear warning of any speed trap within about a kilometer. Time enough to check your speedometer and adjust your speed. One then accepts the alarm and then clicks on the device as one passes the speed trap vehicle. That marks the position of the pirate-like police trap and denotes that it is still in operation. Everyone else using the same type of device that approaches the trap also gets a warning. If one gets a warning but doesn’t see the trapper, then one does not click the device. That indicates that they have moved on to try their luck somewhere else.

I consider this a public service. A peoples gift to the people. Too long have we been ruthlessly preyed on by these alternative tax collectors in blue. Time to fight back. If everyone used one of these there would be no point in speed traps. Make it economically worthless and they will stop.
Perhaps then, the police would return to fighting real crime rather than making us ordinary folks going about our ordinary business into criminals.

The lord may be your shepherd but the state is definitely your enemy.

It is now April. Last week the police ran a speedtrap campagne. They “caught” 540,000 motorists which brought 821 million Crowns to the state coffers. Which seems excessive to me and raises the question; How can it be that so many drivers find the limits too low and restrictive? Maybe, because they are…


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