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Merry Christmas?

Posted by Exile on December 23, 2021

Having seen the news today, I wonder how merry it will be. Another year with this Covid nonsense and now the govenment is lining us up for more. This year it’s the Omikron variant. Which, if one does a little research on the internet, turns out to be extremely infectious but relatively harmless. Who cares anyway? Covid is amongst us, thanks to China, and there is not much we can do about it. I have been vaccinated, twice in the first round, and now I have had to have a booster…
Why? Because the vaccines don’t actually work. If they did, I wouldn’t need to be boosted. Would I? And those that have been vaccinated would not get the dreaded disease. But yet, they do. Which makes me seriously question the Corona “passport”, without which one is basically forced to confine oneself to the limits of one’s home and be treated as a social outcast in all other respects.

The fear campaign is in full swing. We have to wear masks. We can’t go to the pub, or restaurants, or the theatre and all sport is stopped. Which means I can’t go to my archery club either. Schools are closed again, until the 5th of January, where, miraculously, the disease will obviously be less dangerous. Strange how a date can make a difference.
Who decides all this? How do they know?
The figures for the infected and dead are alarming. Hospitalisation is rife, proclaimig hundreds in intensive care and up to many thousands a day testing positive. If those figures are correct then I should be seeing people lying dead on the streets. I don’t believe a word of it. Exaggeration is an effective weapon, especially if you control what gets propagated in the news.
The state medical powers that be are citing an expected increase in severe cases and again warning that hospitals will be overrun and that we will lack the resources to deal with it. I can’t help but wonder, why the government, after nearly two years of this, have not made the necessary provisions to accomodate the prophesied rise in Covid cases.

Testing is a farce. And to make matters worse, we have now run out of home-test kits. Tests are pointless. If one takes a test and it turns out negative, it makes no difference. The test is truly only valuable up to the point of testing. Ten minutes after the result one can easily be infected. But now, safe in the knowledge that one tested negative ten minutes ago, one can continue to spread the virus for days while waving a negative result certificate in the faces of everyone one meets for the entire incubation period until one suddenly realises that one is ill. What is the point? I refuse to be tested.

The truth is, that I have stopped listening. I believe we are being lied to on all counts. I do not believe the infection rate figures. I do not believe the hospitals are full. I am not afraid of anything that has so little chance of ending my days.
I am gathering my family for Christmas. I’m going to enjoy it all. Eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow, I might get hit by a bus, or contract Covid. The chances are about equally small.

Merry Christmas everyone.


7 Responses to “Merry Christmas?”

  1. Kypros. said

    Merry Christmas Keith, I hope you enjoy your family at this festive time of year. As far as I’m concerned I was always sceptical about these new mRNA technology so I refused to be vaccinated. I think I did well because the way things are looking, we would have to be vaccinated for the new upcoming variant every few weeks. This seems unreasonable to me. I only hope those who did take the first couple of vaccines remain well.

    • Exile said

      Thanks Kypros. I took the vaccination under protest but did so for my wife more than anything else. This whole affair is out of control now and solutions from our “leaders” are not exactly effective. I stand by my statement. I’m not listening any more. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay safe.

  2. James said

    My wife (or as grandad would say, herself) and I had the first two sticks, but no booster is in our future. It didn’t take long to figure out we would be dealing with unending variants. There is money to made here and our ever so caring leaders are sure to get their cut of it. All things considered I am sure they will get their just rewards.

    BTW, does it seem a bit odd that apparently nobody got the flu this year? Imagine that.

    • Exile said

      Indeed Jim. I wonder about the flu. That disease is, in fact, more deadly here than Covid has been. Around 1500 per annum. Strange that noone seems to have had it for the past two years. Did the corona virus kill the influenza virus?
      Yep. Follow the money. Especially the money that goes to the W.H.O. And lord only knows how much gets passed ‘under the table’…. Someone is getting very rich.

      • James said

        As far as getting rich goes, it is not me. If it were me, I would be making outlandish bids on every tin of Penzance I could find and lighting my pipes with custom made wood matches.

      • Exile said

        Now, that put a smile on my ugly old face! Merry Christmas, Jim. And a good new year.
        Stay safe.

      • James said

        And a very Merry Christmas and a grand new year to you Keith. Stay well!

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