The Exile Files

Raging Against the Outrageous. Laughter and Insanity Abound.

About Exile

In his late fifties Exile is, according to his darling wife, a bit grumpy.

And he’s entitled to be. Husband and father, he works hard at keeping it all together but every now and then it just all gets either too silly or confusing for him. “No point in wasting your time on things you can’t change”, he says, “you gotta make the best of what you have and enjoy it the best you can. Life’s too short”. He is a staunch supporter of the “live and let live” philososphy.

He is fond of a good whisky every now and then. Preferably single malt with a few years behind it. With ice and a drop of water. His pipes are his second love. A good pipe and good tobacco. And his favourite Chesterfield armchair.

The Exile is a blues lover. Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and countless others have written the mans “life soundtrack”.

The Exile likes to travel when he can. He is looking forward to leaving the rat race and going places where he hasn’t been yet. He is also looking forward to doing the things he wants to do instead of the things he has to do.

Exile goes fishing to relax, or walks in the woods or along the beach. Birds of prey fascinate him and he would like to spend more time studying the creatures of the air.

All in all then, a peaceful sort of guy and definitely not without his own opinions. But don’t mess with the man or his family. Just because he doesn’t raise his hand or his voice, doesn’t mean he can’t. Or won’t, for that matter!

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