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Old Jim Crow

Posted by Exile on October 6, 2009

I realise that title might be a little offensive to some, but here are a couple of pictures of the two birds that follow my dogs around as they rummage around in the leaf litter of Autumn. They show no fear of the dogs or me, realising that they can fly off at the drop of a shutter. A lot of people don’t like these big black birds. I find them magnificent and fascinating.

These two are fast becoming friends of ours. The dogs have given up chasing them and they follow us through the park picking through anything that the dogs have disturbed. The one with the sun burst markings on the chest is by far the least wary. He was about five yards from me when I photographed him. Enjoy!


IMG_3249 IMG_3247 IMG_3253

IMG_3254 IMG_3255


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