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Smile Please

Posted by Exile on March 1, 2008

pic00001.jpgI’ve been experimenting with my camera. Having tried to take photo’s of some of my more expensive pipes, as much for insurance reasons as for bragging purposes, I didn’t get much of a result before. Having read the handbook that followed the camera, I have found out how to take “macro” shots. So here’s my Peterson 2002 Limited edition. A beauty, ain’t she? And the picture isn’t too bad either. Having the picture here, on the internet, means that even if the computer breaks down, I can still show the picture to anyone with internet access. Which is great if I loose the pipe or it gets stolen. Maybe I should catalogue all my pipes like this? At least the expensive ones.

pic00002.jpgHere’s another one. My meershaum by Sevket Gezer, Turkey, signed and beautifully carved it is known as the “Two Dragons” because of the twin dragons carved on either side of the pipe. After four years it is starting to “take colour” on the shank. The great thing about these meerschaums is, that even though the patterns are copied, no two are alike. Sevket is known for his floral decoration on pipes and this one is no exception.
A few points about meerschaum. It is a porous material. Don’t get meerschaum pipes wet. Don’t smoke them with dirty hands. They will take sweat and dry out, but dirty sweat will leave a fingerprint on the pipe that will never come out. Wash your hands before filling the bowl and lighting up. It is not as fragile a material as one is led to believe. Other than that, they are wonderful to smoke.


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